I remade Squid Jump, the arcade game featured in Splatoon 1, in Pico-8! This holiday version of the game is a Squidmas gift for Niko Geyer. There's only one level currently, but I might continue to work on it. I recreated several of the sprites faithfully in Pico-8, but made modifications to make them more festive. Press X to jump, use the left and right arrows to control your jump while in the air.

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AuthorLokno Decker
Made withPICO-8


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Problem: Is imposible to me because a arrow doesn`t work :(

Suggestion: Make the side-to-side controls also A and D, That would solve the problem :)

my name is niko and for like five minutes I thought abt how the game could possibly know that n then I read the description lol

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aww that's a cute ending :)

its hard

very cool

Just one level. 😕